How to reduce queues in your casino this party season

How to reduce queues in your casino this party season

‘Go on…it’s Christmas!’ It’s the attitude that a lot of us adopt from November to the end of December, and the mindset that will almost definitely result in you welcoming even more new customers over the festive period than any other time of year.

The term ‘casino’ is searched in Google during December more than any other month, and one of the largest casino chains in the UK say they welcome 2x more visitors during November, and 3x during December. With corporate Christmas parties, festive nights out and Christmas shopping making towns and cities the busiest they are all year, you’ll be needing to get your new customers through your doors and placing their first bet quickly, whilst ensuring that you stay compliant.

Manual new account registration takes on average 3-3.5 minutes per person. Multiply that by a queue of 10 people and that’s already 30 minutes they’ll have to wait before they all enter your casino and begin playing. That’s not a great customer experience, and the chances are, you’ll lose potential new customers before they’ve even placed their first bet.

But how can you reduce your queues, whilst still getting all the information you need?

Document validation software

Using document validation technology, you’d be able to capture all of your customer’s details such as name and address, directly from their ID document in just seconds, and automatically populate the information into your back-end system. All the hard work is done for you; not only making your onboarding process quicker and helping you to offer a superior customer experience, but also reducing keying errors and improving your data accuracy.

That half an hour queue would be reduced to just minutes!

Full document authentication

Our ID scanner hardware solution can tell you in less than 5 seconds whether your customer’s ID document is authentic or not, so you can make the right decision whether to allow an individual into your casino or not, and protect your organisation against fraudulent activity and loss. Many casinos only carry out a manual check of an ID document, but full document authentication with an ID scanner enables you to delve far deeper than what the naked can see.

Not only will an ID scanner confirm if your customer’s ID is authentic, you’ll also be able to make supported decisions that help you comply with age verification, AML and self-exclusion regulations, so you can continue to operate compliantly, and responsibly – avoiding those hefty AML fines.

So don’t be a Scrooge this Christmas. Give the gift of great experience to your new customers.

For more information on our digital onboarding solution and technologies, click here. Get in touch if you’d like to know more having an ID scanner installed in your casino in time for Christmas. Or, see how it works for yourself with an online, or face-to-face product demo.