Who we are

GBG IDscan is part of GB Group PLC.
GBG IDscan main offices are based in London, with R&D offices in Turkey and Lithuania.

We are both integrators and technology providers. An organization with a singular focus on Artificial Intelligence led, Identity Solutions – backed up by a team of over 60 programmers and a growing portfolio of patents and innovations. In 2015 IDscan was recognised by Deloitte as one of the top 500 fastest growing tech companies in Europe with a special focus on FINTECH.

This year our focus is Customer First, namely making positive impacts on people’s lives through technology. All efforts within the company are directed toward learning about our customers, their needs and aspirations, sharing insights and solving our customers’ problems through technology.

We know documents

IDscan delivers an effective and immediate decision on a document’s legitimacy.

IDscan uses advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave-length technology together with an encyclopedic knowledge of documented ID’s, to automatically process images captured by passport scanners, mobile devices or stored images.

We capture the textual and image information from more than 4000 global identity documents and many more unstructured A4 documents to deliver authenticated, meaningful, automated, results.
IDscan delivers validation and authentication via passport scanners, mobile devices or stored images to provide document authentication, fake ID detection, ID checking, passport and driving license OCR.

IDscan’s solutions are used within regulated businesses, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, car hire, security, access control, human resource management and age verification both within bricks and mortar and virtual cloud based enterprises

IDscan’s external validation system, IDsmart, takes document authentication to the next level. IDsmart is part of a seamless process which performs further checks on an individual, by cross referencing the ID information collected from a scanned and authenticated ID against multiple data sets. These include: anti-money laundering, KYC, insolvency, birth, death, and electoral registrars.

IDscan’s vision is to:

  • Be the world’s foremost artificial intelligence led identity document scanning business.
  • Discover and implement new and innovative document recognition and interrogation methods.
  • Build on our proprietary advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave-length technologies and other innovations.
  • Combine innovation, with our encyclopedic knowledge of documents, to create the world’s leading industry knowledge base and develop innovative IPR with ground breaking patents.

Why choose IDscan?


ID Scanning – it’s what we do, IDscan are technology providers, during the last quarter IDscan submitted 9 fresh patents with more than 20 in the pipeline.


Experience on the back of financially sound operations. IDscan has an international credit score of AA – the highest level.


ID Knowledge – We know documents. IDscan are document experts. Our clients work across different markets, from the healthcare industry to fintechs. They all entrust IDscan to detect fake, forged and counterfeit identity documents.


Protected by our growing IP portfolio, IDscan’s ground breaking technology offers our customers a range of exclusive features and benefits.


IDscan has the fastest scanning speed of any identity document authentication system either through dedicated scanners or mobile technology.


IDscan possesses one of the largest classified ID document template library in the world.


IDscan customers enjoy some of the largest deployments of ID scanners in the commercial sector and some of the largest networked deployments of ID scanning systems in the world with some customers benefiting from more than 1000 networked locations. We have an excellent track record of executing large corporate orders ahead of expectations. Our reach is global, with more than 600 deployments in Australia alone and we are located in more than 30 airports around the world.


As a technology provider we are constantly innovating, we are working hard on the latest smartphone capture technology, cracking ahead with new innovations on a weekly basis.

Market Leader

Approximately 95% of IDs scanned and authenticated in the UK commercial market are scanned by IDscan’s customers. Collectively they scan an average of more than 3 million documents each month.


IDscan is well known for its ability to deliver under pressure and to schedule.


IDscan uses its own OCR code optimized for identification documents.


IDscan’s products are ready to use, with years of experience built in.


More than 1,000 existing customers supported on a 24/7 basis.


Proven track record of scaling IDscan’s solution for large corporate customers in short time frames.