Human Resources

Human Resources

GBG IDscan can authenticate a prospective employee’s identity document in a matter of seconds, removing subjective decisions and human-error, whilst complying with relevant Right to Work (RTW) procedures.

As a result, GBG IDscan are used by the UK Government, NHS and multinational banks to assist with their pre-employment checks.

Industry Drivers

Prevent financial loss and fraud
£1.6bn was lost in 2012-2013 due
to employee fraud and theft.

Protect your reputation
There are 200,000 cases of
recruitment fraud each year.

Ensure compliance
Failure to comply with Right to Work checks
can result in a £20,000 per employee fine.

Prevent financial loss and fraud
$413b per year estimated recruitment cost
due to fraudulent applications

Avoid issues
70% increase in fraudulent
IDs held by migrants.

£21.6M in fines
In the 2nd half of 2015, the Home Office issued
1217 illegal civil penalties to businesses

The Solution

  • Authenticate over 4,000+ documents via IDcan’s hardware and software solution
  • Automated decision provided in under 10 seconds
  • Determine a legitimate or fraudulent document via machine-learning method
  • Part of GBG Plc, who can provide you with a single online source for completing your people screening checks, covering everything from:
    • Electronic Identity Data Verification (EIDV)
    • Criminal record and driving licence checks
    • Bank account verification
    • PEPs and Sanctions checks
  • The checks are fast, accurate and reliable and allow you to fulfil your legal obligations, with evidence in an audit trail.

Manual Vs GBG IDscan

Time Spent: a couple of weeks  | Revenue Spent: about £30

Time Spent: a few seconds  | Revenue Spent: about £1

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