In less than a second, IDscan’s automated document authentication system IDscan, can deliver a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ decision on the authenticity of more than 4000 different global identity document types.

Our customers use IDscan to scan more than 3 million documents each month. Consequently, IDscan is uniquely placed to understand fraudulent document trends and the latest document fraud innovations. Using our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are proud to deliver to you, the world’s largest document authentication library.

With more than 5000 seats of IDscan deployed globally, IDscan’s users range from airports to car hire companies, banks and large institutions.

IDscan is feature-rich, with multiple platform and reporting facilities and is backed up by live 24hrs 7 day a week technical and document expert support.


IDscan Core Engine (ICE)

ICE – The IDscan Core Engine is an enterprise level, scalable powerhouse to automate and fast track the processes and workflows within your business, taking the documents, forms and identities your business encounters, into a digital pipeline.

Using OCR, image processing, and artificial intelligence led semantic logic, a document can be digitised, processed and indexed, quickly efficiently and accurately from multiple input sources, reducing your costs and improving your efficiency.

IDscan™ Document Expert System (IDES)

The IDscan Document Expert System is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) led digital library and encyclopaedia of thousands of documents. Each scanned document is classified and processed through the IDscan Document Expert System to allow IDscan to complete multiple different checks on each scan; and deliver knowledge, authentication and text normally in less than a second.

IDscan’s Document Expert System automatically processes document images, using advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave-length technology together with its world-leading proprietary in-house library of document IDs.

IDscan’s in-house library includes more than 855 documents unique to IDscan and growing number of A4 type documents such as utility bills and bank statements. Collectively this represents the world’s largest document library.

At IDscan, we continue to break new ground in the discovery and implementation of new and innovative document recognition and interrogation methods, such as Visage, building on proprietary advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave-length technologies and other innovations.



IDscan™ Mobile App

Do you need to auto-populate forms? Are you an airline that wants to improve the performance of your Apps? Are you a gaming company that needs to on-board new customers? Are your HR or registration departments drowning in ever-increasing numbers of identity documents? Are you concerned about the Government’s ID assurance programme? Do you need to Know Your Customer? Have your processes been impacted by recent legislation changes requiring identity verification?

Look no further ! The IDscan Mobile Application is an easy to use, off-the-shelf mobile application that performs, auto-filing, age-verification, verification and validation, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks in a matter of seconds.

Capture the image of a presented ID and IDscan’s mobile app will classify, perform OCR on and extract data from the majority of passports and ID documents contained in the IDscan Library, with new driving licences and documents being customised for mobile each week. IDscan’s mobile app will then compare the image against those of thousands of different ID types.

With IDscan’s mobile app we provide simple and speedy ID checking/authentication and data extraction. Your user will not be required to select the issuing country, nor define the type of ID. IDscan does all of this automatically and instantly.

IDscan’s mobile App is fully automated, it requires no human intervention. Processing can be performed through our servers, or if required, on your servers and infrastructure via our enterprise SDK.

Mobile APP details

Snap 2 Fill: registration made easy

Snap2Fill™ is a free presentation App demonstrating some of the technology behind IDscan™ – please enjoy it and offer us your feedback

Snap2Fill, available in IOS and Android, is ideal for the growing number of airlines using smart phone check in and boarding passes via mobile.

Airlines who want to offer users a quick, fast, efficient method of filling in Advanced Passenger Information (API) directly from any passport or ICAO identity card, can integrate the Snap2Fill into their App in less than 5 minutes

Snap2Fill is fast, easy to use and can capture information from any angle and rotation, reducing friction and increasing customer satisfaction.

Snap2Fill is available as an SDK singularly or as a part of IDscan’s IDsmart mobile SDK which offers full authentication and data extraction from all zones of a passport or identity document – why not check out IDsmart via our IDscan app on HockeyApp or download our SDK.


All processing occurs on your phone. Secure, safe, quick, accurate and easy to integrate. Cost effective annual runtime licenses available.

Mobile APP details



HR Scan

Prevent fraud, identity misrepresentation and use of sophisticated forged documents to obtain employment.

Human Resources Scan authenticates 4000+ documents so you know your staff are exactly who they say they are and have the right to work.

As ID counterfeiting methods become more sophisticated, IDscan helps customers protect their businesses from bogus or illegal employees every day, thereby avoiding fines and security breaches.

Our customers scan over three million documents every month. As a result, we are aware of current trends in fraudulent employment applications. We also understand secure recruitment challenges faced by UK employers. Our customers frequently use IDscan’s KYC & AML solution as a seamless process within HRscan to authenticate a physical ID and validate the ID holder, all in less than 2 seconds – visit IDsmart

Passport and ID verification using our ID scanner will help you protect your business, your clients and your peace of mind.

  • Automated process in 1 second
  • Reads 4000+ IDs and passports & utility bills
  • UV, Infrared and Bio-chip authentication
  • Portable, accurate and very easy to use
  • Scan, sign and securely store all images on your network
  • Extract contact data from scanned ID documents
  • Reduce recruitment administration and paper consumption/storage
  • Biometric enrolment option
  • Multiple statistics and management information
  • Comprehensive PDF reports for HR files

Contact us today for a demonstration and pricing.


Credit Checking, Anti-Money Laundering.

Our offer for know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) processes different identification details. Built around the IDscan Core Engine and flow, IDscan’s vanilla product provides identity document authentication for customer validation in less than a second.

IDsmart automatically checks with:

  • Address Check
  • Insolvency Register
  • HM Treasury PEP List
  • Electoral Register
  • CIA – Heads Of State Government Register
  • Rolling Register
  • Crime Stoppers Most Wanted Register
  • NI Number Checking Service
  • Bank Account Number
  • Companies House
  • (FOG) Passports & DVLA Licenses
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Birth Index
  • IDscan Watch List
  • Death Index
  • Telephone Preference Service
  • Utility Bill Library
  • Marriage Index
  • Office Of Foreign Assets Control
  • Mobile Phone Check

IDscan OCR

IDscan’s in-house OCR engine.

Uniquely amongst identity document verification systems, IDscan’s products employ a proprietary OCR engine which has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of reading data from documents that have been purposely designed not to be machine readable and subsequently become damaged, worn, mistreated, warped and contaminated. As a result, IDscan’s accuracy is a key differentiator in the market place.

The IDscan OCR engine is available as an SDK or as a stand alone product.


IDscan SDK for mobile devices

The IDscan SDK and document library is available to existing IDscan customers.

Should you wish to become an IDscan customer please note that the IDscan SDK and document library is available purely on a business to business basis to established enterprises normally with existing mobile Apps – it is not available to integrate into a product to offer the technology as a service, for example if you are planning to offer Identity As a Service If you would like to understand our commercial terms please contact us.
Our SDK is available to established businesses such as:

  • Banks
  • Airlines
  • Government

  • Gaming companies
  • Financial services
  • Money transfer

  • Regulated businesses
  • Human resources
  • Insurance companies

Get the SDK

IDscan™ Power Batch

An exciting fusion of IDscan Biometric’s proprietary OCR engine and cluster and semantic technology, powers the ground-breaking IDscan Power Batch.

IDscan Power Batch plunges into large repositories of data, and mines critical information from any image.

Using IDscan Power Batch, IDscan recently engaged in a project which saw a peak daily processing and analysis at just over 5 million varied and unstructured documents, in an exercise which will ultimately see just over a billion documents processed.

IDscan Power Batch is available as a cloud based service or as an onsite managed facility, using powerful IDscan owned servers, processors, network and storage together with IDscan’s engineers.

View the Power Batch Brochure

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Catching the determined fraudster 

IDscan Visage is a method of document authentication which compares a person’s face from an ID against faces appearing on IDs that are known to be fake or counterfeit.

IDscan’s Visage was recently granted a Patent and we hope to begin development in the near future. let us know if you would like to become a beta tester

Consultancy & Training

IDscan Biometrics Limited provides document authentication, fake ID Detection, document OCR, age verification and scanning services to more than 1000 clients globally.

Using our cutting-edge technologies, our clients collectively authenticate more than 3 million documents and identities each month. IDscan’s solutions are used for banking, border control, financial transactions, ID checks, car hire, security, access control, human resource management, customer on-boarding and age verification.

Our knowledge and expertise can be provided to assist in procurement processes, tender scripting, or brought on board and tailored to your project.