Retail Banking

Retail Banking

We provide enterprise technology for 4 of the top 10 European banks to automate the secure and cost-effective on-boarding of new customers, across all channels, via IDscan’s proprietary document verification and facial recognition solution.

Did you know…

Number of banking app logins reached 4.9 billions in 2016, up 34% over 2016. 159 customer logins per second.

There are over 8500 retail banking branches in the United Kingdom alone. Over twenty Million customers in the UK use apps.

Number of banking app transactions reached 932 million in 2016, up 57% over 2016 values. 30 customer transactions per second.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

There are many macro factors that are facing retail banks today, such as:

  • Customer mobility and behaviour
  • Decreasing branch networks
  • Challenger banks being more agile and adaptive
  • Increasing legal regulation (GDPR, 4th Money Laundering Directive, PSD2)

Omni-channel approach

In line with your strategic focus and risk appetite, we can support the on-boarding of customers
by using a combination of hardware and software to support multiple channels.

All can be deployed within your infrastructure locally, complying with regulations such as GDPR.

  • In branch, to allow account opening in seconds, whilst providing consistent decisions on a document’s authenticity
  • Mobile applications via IDscan’s Software Development Kits (SDK)
  • Mobile and desktop browser for a zero installation and a quick result





Ultraviolet, Infrared & RFID Chip Reading


Android & iOS SDK + HTML5 & Java API with SmartCapture™ + Smart Crop

A digital journey

This is a typical user journey being used across the digital channels to automate the onboarding of new customers when looking to collect and verify documents. We do not enforce any strict journeys, we support only what your customers need.

GBG can  leverage over 300+ global datasets in order to triangulate an individual’s identity using data and technology.

The customer begins the onboarding process

The details are effortlessly scanned from an Identity Document and A4 Proof of Address and captured for registration

Face check selfie versus the ID photocard picture

Identity verification ensures KYC compliance

An unbiased decision is made in seconds

Manual Vs GBG IDscan

Time Spent: a couple of weeks  | Cost: about £30

Time Spent: a few seconds  | Cost: about £1

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