Sectors we help

Financial services

We already help 4 of the top 10 European banks onboard and verify their customers in store and online, to prevent fraud and offer a seamless onboarding process whilst being compliant with KYC, AML and PEPs and Sanctions checks.


We provide telcos with the evidence to make the right decisions on who they give their handsets to. Not only do we help telcos prevent fraud in their stores, we take the hassle out of completing a phone contract, whilst ensuring compliance.

Money exchange

Our solutions help money exchange organisations serve more customers, quicker using real-time document authentication. And we can help ensure compliance, and protection against huge AML fines.

Vehicle hire

Our integrated technology enables vehicle hire companies to onboard customers in under 60 seconds, so you can reduce your queue times. Make the right decisions on who you allow to drive your vehicles.


We help casinos get new members through the door quickly and compliantly with ID document authentication in under 5 seconds, reducing the risk of fraud and huge AML fines.


We help organisations onboard new employees quickly and compliantly, providing a great employee experience and reducing the risk of employee fraud.

Plant and Tool hire

We help tool hire companies to make the right decisions about who hires their tools, preventing fraud and helping to build profitable relationships with genuine customers.


Our software solution enables travel companies to offer a seamless online customer experience on desktop and mobile. We get customers onboard quickly and accurately.


Protect your customers and your license with an ID scanner. Make your bars and nightclubs safer by authenticating ID on entry with a fake ID scanner.

Security & Policing

Can you say that you know who every single person is that enters and exits your site? Your visitor identification process should be robust enough that you do.