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Employee fraud costs UK businesses £2 billion a year. That’s why it’s vital that you understand each and every one of your employees. Not only will you reduce the risk of fraud within your organisation, you’ll help safeguard children and vulnerable people. We all have a part to play. There’s no excuse.

Document validation gives you the evidence you need to make the right decisions about your people, quickly. Have confidence that your new recruit is exactly who they say they are, that they’re legally allowed to work in the UK, can drive your vehicles, and are able to work with children or vulnerable adults. Get new recruits onboard quickly, whilst offering a great employee experience. Rest assured you’re compliant with HR legislation by carrying out regular checks on existing employees.

How we can help


Reduce fraud

Know that an individual is exactly who they say they are, and they’re not using a fake or stolen ID document.


Fulfil your duty of care

Help protect children and vulnerable adults from being exposed to people they shouldn’t be, by knowing exactly who someone is.


Stay compliant

Perform regular checks on all your people, new and existing, to demonstrate that you’re operating compliantly.

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