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Speed up your digital onboarding process.

Onboarding your customers online couldn’t be easier. With GBG IDscan’s mobile and web identity document validation technology (IDVT), you simply capture an image of your customer’s ID document and our solution will do the rest. Our IDVT will classify the document, perform a series of validation checks and extract data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in seconds.

Capture customer details quicker, reduce drop-offs and streamline your application process by automatically extracting details from identity and Proof of Address documents in seconds.

GBG IDscan is a feature-rich IDVT solution with multiple platform and reporting facilities, and 24/7 technical and document expert support. That’s why we’re trusted by over 1,000 customers in financial services, vehicle hire, entertainment, travel, gaming and HR.

The balance between fraud prevention and speed of onboarding can be refined using our award-winning digital tamper detection technology, authentication tolerance settings and online forensic document examiner service.

How we can help

Why GBG IDscan?

  • Document recognition
  • Smart capture
  • Data extraction
  • Face Match
  • Liveness
  • Investigation Studio
  • Onboarding decision engine
  • Reading biometric chip information
  • Digital tamper detection
  • Tolerance levels
  • Online forensic document examiners

Document recognition

We can automatically tell you what type of ID document your customer has presented. Our IDVT lifts the data from the document, enabling you to pre-populate your customer’s information into your systems, such as registration pages and CRM platforms.

Smart capture

Your customers won’t have to worry about lining up their ID documents perfectly, or trying to take a picture in focus or without glare. Our cutting edge technology automatically detects a good frame and takes the picture! We’ll capture the best quality image, first time.

Data extraction

We recognise and extract the relevant data points from your customer’s ID document including name, document number etc, using OCR. This utilises the details we have in our document library, recognising the format of the document, where the data fields are located and how it’s formatted.

We ensure the data we extract is accurate by running the initial result through several layers of checks, including dictionary comparisons on the extracted words, and correcting any errors. We check addresses from ID documents against our global address databases.

Some ID documents can be years old, and can become worn, damaged, mistreated and contaminated. We’ve got the unique technology to overcome this. Our proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system is specifically designed to meet the challenges of reading data from documents that may have been purposely designed not to be machine readable.

Our OCR functionality is available as a software development kit (SDK), or as a standalone product.

Face Match

GBG IDscan Face Match (IDFM) provides instant validation of facial features between a printed document face, for example a passport photo, and a live image captured on a smartphone, tablet or webcam.

After taking a photo of their ID document, your customer can further authenticate themselves by placing their face in the viewfinder of the forward-facing camera on their device. IDFM is optimised for identity document-to-selfie comparisons. It takes each image, identifies a set of 68 facial landmarks and uses this to extract the facial features. The results of each extraction can then be compared to produce a reliable judgement of how similar the two faces are.

Our algorithm recognises natural changes between the ID image and the selfie, including:

  • Changes in hair style
  • Facial hair
  • Make up
  • Skin imperfections
  • Varying facial expressions
  • Small age gaps
  • Small changes in head pose


Our liveness feature helps prevent fraudsters who are impersonating an individual from being onboarded. It verifies that the person using the device is live and not a static image, and that they match the presented ID document.

Investigation Studio

Our Investigation Studio enables you to quickly and easily access your scanned documents in a secure, single platform and is available as a web-based solution or integrated API. Your employees will have access to all of the data captured in an application, and be able to see the results of the security checks we perform of the ID document image. Rest assured you’re compliant with a full audit trail.

Your users will be able to review:

  • Personal details of a customer
  • ID document images, and the segments used for OCR
  • Authentication results, including reference images of genuine samples for the same document type

Onboarding decision engine

Our workflow tool means that you can configure a solution that suits your business needs. You can create a full onboarding journey from initial application to final decision.

As well as changing the order of events, for example asking your customer to take a selfie before capturing the ID document images, our solution provides an extensive, customisable ruleset to help you make the right decisions automatically, freeing your time and resource.

Reading biometric chip information

Using Near Field Communication (NFC) on supported devices, such as Android phones and tablets; we can read details and images from biometric chips and compare those to the details on the document to help prevent fraud and improve extraction.

Digital tamper detection

Most digital image manipulation is invisible to the naked eye. We can detect digitally modified images to help reduce instances of fraud when .jpg files are being uploaded as part of the onboarding process.  When we detect manipulation, we highlight modified areas in the audit image in our Investigation Studio.

Tolerance levels

Different identity documents may warrant different levels of authentication checks and different cross-referencing.  Doing more checks may increase rejections, but will reduce your exposure to fraud.  We provide configuration that allows different levels of authentication to be set for different individual or groups of documents.

Online forensic document examiners

Our UK-based forensic document examiners can review images of documents in real-time.  Trained to CIFAS and National Document Fraud Unit (NDFU) levels, they aim to provide an opinion within 120 seconds.


In line with your strategic focus and risk appetite, we can support your customer onboarding further using a combination of hardware and software solutions that are simple to integrate.

As well as supporting your online customer onboarding, we offer a hardware solution to provide you with full in-branch ID document authentication, including Ultraviolet, Infrared & RFID Chip reading, so your customers can open accounts and purchase goods or services in seconds.

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