Venues and Visitors

Quickly. Securely. Efficiently.

Do you know who every single person entering and exiting your venue is? You should.

Your visitor identification process needs to be robust, so you understand exactly who is in your venue, and when.

Improve security at your venue, and get to know who your visitors really are by authenticating ID at the point of entry. Take a scan of your visitor’s ID document and find out in seconds if they’re attempting to gain access to your venue fraudulently. Take action quickly. Clamp down on fake ID. Protect your staff and your venue.

GBG IDscan is a feature-rich IDVT solution with multiple platform and reporting facilities, and 24/7 technical and document expert support. That’s why we’re trusted by over 1,000 customers in sectors including entertainment, public sector and security.

We’re proud to deliver the world’s largest document authentication library, to help you protect your venue.

How we help make venues safer


Prevent underage drinking in your club by authenticating your customer’s ID on entry. You’ll know in seconds whether the ID is fake, forged or counterfeit, so you can understand exactly who’s in your nightclubs at all times.

Reduce crime, protect your staff and your licence, and above all, keep your customers safe. Join the UK bars and nightclubs, and 2.5 million Scannet users who are already working together to help make nights out safer.

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Government sites and public venues

Improve security at your venue by scanning and authenticating visitor ID on entry. Simply scan the ID document and find out in seconds if it’s counterfeit or forged. Cross reference against shared data lists to decide if the visitor should be granted entry or not.

Automatic ID checks reduce entry queues, as manual document processing and form filling is no longer required. That means quicker entry, no keystroke errors, and increased data accuracy. You can even scan using fingerprint for return visitors, and link it to their ID.

Find out more about how we help government sites and public venues with security.

Fraud prevention




Ultraviolet, Infrared & RFID Chip Reading


We provide fast document scanning through dedicated hardware scanners and mobile technology, so you can get visitors admitted quickly.


We’re well known for our ability to deliver under pressure and to schedule. We’ll have your scanner up and running for when you need it.


We’re constantly innovating and working hard on the latest document capture technology; to deliver the best solution for you.


We already provide seamless visitor entry for many venues around the UK, in a variety of sectors. We understand your needs, and we’re here to help.

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